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Welcome to The Pype Hayes Licensed Cattery Website


Pype Hayes Cattery Penthouse Suites is a licensed luxury holiday home just for cats. Set in a relaxed, peaceful garden environment. 


We offer the perfect guest accommodation to cater for different cats and their needs.

You can enjoy your stay away or your holiday knowing that your cat/cats are being looked after just as you would expect if they were with you at home.

We believe that by keeping Pype Hayes cattery a small boarding cattery your cat(s) will receive the best care and individual attention they deserve. In turn this means that the cattery has to be run profitably. Because of its size we cannot afford the few pens we have to sit empty. What this means to you, the customer, is that if you wish to cancel your booking, you need to give 2 weeks notice If you cancel there is a very good chance your cat's intended pen(s) would remain empty. You will therefore be asked as an act of good faith to pay your cat’s outstanding bill in full. Thank you for your understanding.


We invite you to explore our website, make reservations immediately if required or even come to visit us in person to discuss your requirements.

You can read more about us on our Booking Information Page.


We look forward to seeing you and your most valued guests.  

 Thank you for visiting our website. Please enjoy looking round it.



From 1st April to £13 single, £23 double and all cats need to be microchipped from 20th June 24.

We will not accept your cat(s) into our cattery if it/they are not inoculated and do not have an up to date vaccination card.


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any enquiries or questions about Pype Hayes Cattery.


Tel: 0121 351 6557

(Normal Working Hours)

Mob: 07388844072 (After 6pm)


Licence No: LN000000118

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